Green-wood cemetery angel

Recently I  received some literature in the mail from the St. Somebody cemetery. I may not be a youth, but I don’t think I’m at the age yet that I should be getting correspondence from local cemeteries.  Also included in the brochure was a $200 off coupon for the mausoleum.   Spend eternity in a wall.  Save $200.  When I told the husband about this the first thing he said was “did you save the coupon?”.   No honey,  I did not save the coupon.

The following week I received a catalog for “independent living”   You know, the kind that sells easy to put on, easy to read watches; folding motorized scooters;  walker attachments that look like sneakers and a host of other helpful products for the aging baby-boomer.  Today I received a flyer for free hearing screening for adults that suggested “Invite a Friend!” and included this fast fact  “Did you know that conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure are risk factors for hearing loss?”  WHAT?   I SAID “did you know that conditions like diabetes…”

You get the idea.

Sunflowers on the mantle

Here is a painting of sunflowers on my mantle.  I did it here too.    What a difference, huh.  Did I ever tell you that sunflowers frighten me?  Not cut sunflowers.  But the tall ones.  Taller than me.  Six feet tall ones.  With those giant heads that seem like they turn and watch me as I walk down the block.  Scary.  I like them better cut down and in a vase.