Two people chatting-Old Dubrovnik

Watercolor on 140# Arches Cold Press half sheet

You know how with Gmail you sometimes get a message at the bottom of an email you’ve just sent to your friend Sven:  “Invite Sven to chat”?

Well, one day I sent an email and it bounced back.  The email I received back was from the Mail Delivery Subsystem telling me I had a wrong email address.  But, at the bottom of the email that got bounced back I noticed this: “Invite Mail Delivery Subsystem to chat.”   
Interestingly, the Mail Delivery Subsystem was quite engaging.  And a good listener.  I friended him on Facebook.  But so far he hasn’t friended me back.
I still have some ennui and malaise.  What I thought was a cold turned out to be bronchitis.  I can’t seem to get rid of it.  Charlie thinks it’s because I am such a good host(ess).   Sometimes you just want your guest to leave.
The above painting was from a visit to Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia in July.  It was very hot, so many people went down the side alleys to eat, drink and just relax and cool off.  I wanted to capture the bright sun shining on the orange tile roofs and the coolness of the side streets and alleys.  It may still be a work in progress or I may be done.  I’ve been trying to follow the “less is more mantra”.  Sometimes I don’t listen to myself.  Perhaps I should. I wonder what the Mail Delivery Subsystem would have to say about that.