Brownstone Brooklyn

I do not know what happened.  I had perfectly sized feet for my height and suddenly my feets started to grow!  Plus, I can’t get that Fats Waller song  “Your feet’s too big.”  out of my head. Sometimes things just get stuck in my head and then I can’t get them out.  I hate when that happens, particularly when there is something I am trying to get INTO my head and it won’t go.  And then there are all those voices. 

As a youth I was a size 6 1/2.  Then I was a 7.  Then 7 1/2.  Recently I was a size 8.  And now I’m a gigantic 8 1/2.  What’s going on?   If only my smarts could grow as rapidly as my feet.  They (the mysterious “they”) say that your nose and your ears never stop growing throughout one’s lifetime.  They never said anything about one’s feet.   Now if I could only get smarter, taller and thinner I would be happy with the bigger feets. 

Of course none of that has anything to do with this “in-progress” painting I’m working on for the 2nd time.  I painted it here and then gave it to my friend Jim.   The new version is bizarre and I feel like I’m going backward instead of forward.  Of course this isn’t finished so perhaps it has potential.  Or perhaps it will go in the trash like a recently started other piece that I never showed you.   Hopefully my new giant feet will point me in the right direction.