“Striped Tablecloth with Vase” – watercolor and white gouache on 1/2 sheet of 140# Arches paper. 

Well, really stepping into the late 20th century as I was told by a co-worker (who just turned 23) when I told him I FINALLY got an HD flat screen TV.   The Husband insisted that our really cutting edge during the Clinton administration Sony Trinitron was dying.  I refused to believe it.  He said “don’t you see the green halos around the people?”  I did not.  Until I did.  THEN we needed a new TV.

I don’t have HD vision, why do I need an HD TV?   Apparently, it doesn’t matter.   As I was watched the Macy’s fireworks on the 4th of July on the Sony Trinitron from the Clinton Administration, The Husband was watching it in the bedroom on the new HD flat screen as he dressed for work.   I heard him calling me.  Feeling a bit annoyed, (didn’t he know I was watching the fireworks), I marched into the bedroom demanding to know what he wanted. He pointed at the new HD flat screen with the fireworks show and all I could do was say “OMG!”  Yes, Virginia, there is a difference between my Sony Trinitron with a 20-year-old picture tube and a super cool HD flat screen with an LCD/LED/LBJ/IRT thingy.

I shouldn’t be afraid of new technology.  As long as I have friends like the aforementioned 23-year-old who I can call when I can’t figure out how to do something  on my computer.  Or getting my cell phone to stop saying stuff to me.  Why does it do that?   Now that I’ve moved into the late 20th century perhaps I can now make the leap to the 21st.  iPad 2 anyone?  Nah,   I would just spend all my time playing Angry Birds.

The above painting was done from a reference photo I found in my teacher’s studio.  Don’t know who the original artist was. Don’t know the original medium.   I painted it using watercolor and watercolor with white gouache for a more opaque look. It was great fun to paint.  Hope you like it.  (It looks better in HD!)