I don’t get Irish Coffee.  Why would you drink a caffeinated beverage that has alcohol in it?  Wake you up slap you down, wake you up, slap you down till you don’t know whether you’re coming or going.  This came up while walking with Charlie.  He wanted to find some Four Loko.  Just because.   I think it was just because he had some minor surgery and was still enjoying the pain medication.   Apparently Four Loko is some super caffeinated malt beverage with a large amount of alcohol in it.  So much so that kids not only loved it, but were hallucinating from it.  Oh those kids.  When we wanted to hallucinate we knew what to use.  And it wasn’t a caffeinated beverage.

This won’t be a very long post.  The Tony Awards are on and I have to get my evil twin to stop singing and tap dancing to all the musical numbers.  (Maybe I’m just hallucinating…could someone pass me some more Four Loko?)

The painting above was done from a reference photo from an out of print book by the watercolor artist John Yardley.  I loved the sheerness of the curtains over the windows and outdoor foliage.  This is not an exact duplication. Outside my windows it looks like a cloudy day.Outside his windows it looks sunny and bright.  Sigh!  I’ve done paintings from images by Mel Stabin, Charles Reid and now Mr. Yardley.  All of them have been excellent learning experiences.  I think this one was too.   There is so much to learn. I think I will stop learning when it’s finally curtains for me.  And speaking of curtains, the big, red, velvet one is coming back up at the Tonys.  Gotta run.  I just love that Neil Patrick Harris.