Peruvian Street – 15″ x 16 3/4″ on 140 lb Arches cold press

So the world didn’t end on May 21st.  Good thing too.  The Husband and I were sitting at Kennedy Airport  waiting for our flight to Northern California when…nothing happened.  I like when nothing happens.  I don’t like change and the end of the world would have been way too much change for me.

The trip to Northern California/Lake Tahoe was pretty incredible considering it was boiling hot in NYC and it snowed two of the days we were away.  If you like to ski, this would have been the place for you.  We do not ski…however we biked, hiked, swam and drove around the lake 37 times.  We visited Carson City and Virginia City, Nevada and got stuck in near white-out conditions going over the Mt. Rose pass which goes to 8,900 feet.  The Husband wasn’t nervous but I was.  I asked him if he could see with the blinding snow and he told me the only thing blinding him was my white knuckles reflecting in the windshield.   He is so very amusing.

Did you know Virginia City is haunted???   I didn’t until we kept hearing stories about people visiting and seeing ghosts.  This is NOT for me.  Apparently it is for The Husband.  Geez, you think you know someone after a bazillion years.  He said he would love to stay at the Silver Queen in Virginia City.  I said he’d be staying there alone.

The painting at the top is the finished version of the empty Peruvian Street.  I decided I wasn’t going to put people in after all. I like the idea of a nice quiet street and have decided they are all taking a siesta.   It’s much darker in the bottom left corner, but couldn’t get the photo quite right.