City Hall Park – watercolor on 140# Arches Cold Press  approx. 19″ x 14″

A Bayonne, NJ hospital now has billboards that advertise the wait time for being seen in their emergency room.  When I saw the story on the news the billboard said the wait time was 7 minutes.  After I laughed so hard I had to be rushed to my local emergency room, I came home 3 days later and thought   “Why can’t anyone in NYC be seen in any sort of reasonable time in an emergency room?”

Here is a true story:  One time, a New York City Police Officer who will not be named, had a drug-addict prisoner who needed attention and was taken to a NYC Emergency room.  While waiting,  a man came in, slit from ear to ear and bleeding heavily.  He was given a large amount of gauze and told to press it against his neck and wait.  Why?  Three gun shot-victims were on their way in and they were going to be seen first.

So, if you have any bones broken, need stitches in an area that is not life threatening or are coughing up a lung be prepared to sit for at least 5 hours.   You may also be entertained for 5 hours, but that really is a sort of specialized area of entertainment.   Best to drive to N.J. and be seen there.  Sad state of affairs indeed.

This has nothing to do with the painting above, which is of City Hall Park.  This is a beautiful little oasis in lower Manhattan and is aptly named because it is right in front of City Hall.   In the spring there are cherry blossom trees and tulips.  Once the summer arrives there is a lovely fountain which is seen on the left side of the painting.  In the fall the fountain is shut down and beautiful fall colored plants fill the space.  It’s a wonderful spot to sit, relax, people watch and take a moment in a very busy City.  Just don’t hurt yourself there.  You’ll spend hours and hours at the local emergency room.  Word!

This week both Passover and Easter occur during the same week.  So whichever holiday you celebrate, may it be a happy one.  And if you don’t celebrate either of these holidays, may you have a wonderful week.