Bicycle – 18″ x 13 1/4″ on 140lb Arches watercolor paper – SOLD

Bicycling is very big in NYC and getting bigger.  Millionaire Mayor Mike has put in more bike lanes during his third stolen administration (don’t get me started) than any other mayor.  I think there’s a bike lane in the middle of my living room. Actually there is, but that was put in by The Husband who enjoys biking to work in good weather.

My favorite story about the bike lanes was the one where the City painted them through a neighborhood of mostly Hassidic Jews. This highly religious sect didn’t like the bike lanes because they said the bikers would ride past rather scantily dressed. So they had the City remove the bike lanes.  The bikers, unhappy with the City’s actions went back to that neighborhood and repainted the bike lanes themselves.  And they probably did it just dressed in underwear.

I don’t mind the bicyclists, but I do mind when they think they own the road, don’t stop at lights to let pedestrians cross or ride on the wrong side of the road or worse, on the sidewalk.  Other than that, more power to them.  It’s good exercise, and it’s good for the environment.  And you don’t have to parallel park your bike.

Which brings me to a recent commercial for a car, the Ford Focus that comes with something called “active park assist”. They show a man, sitting in the driver’s seat smiling like an idiot while the car takes control and parallel parks in a spot that I could fit a tractor trailer in.

Now I may not drive a lot, and I don’t like driving, but I can parallel park. It may take 23 moves, but I will get that damn car into that spot.  If necessary, I can get a 15 ft long car into a 15 1/4′ spot.   There are no spots available in NYC, so if you happen to see one, even if you have to proverbially grease the fenders to get into that spot,  you do it.  I bet you the Ford Focus Active Park Assist can’t do that.