Saturday’s require me to be upstate to clean out my mom’s condo with the siblings.   When Alice told me she wouldn’t be available until about noon because she and her youngest son, Jack, 18, were taking a drawing class together I decided to get in on the action.  Our homework last week was to do a drawing of a dog or cat.  Of course we chose to draw our dogs.  I drew Kaiya, the barfing dog who hates the car and they drew their dog Angus aka “Gus”.  Here are the results:


Here’s Alice’s drawing of Gus The Golden Retriever:


And here’s Jack’s drawing of Gus as a puppy:

Puppy Gus

The class has been great fun for the three of us.  It makes Saturday’s task of cleaning out the condo much easier after two hours of drawing.

On another note, this morning on “Sunday Morning” there was a story of a woman who did a “painting” of The Last Supper using dryer lint!  WHAT?  Were they kidding?

Sadly, they were not.

And she had big plans for more pieces of lint art.  Bigger, Bolder, Lintier pieces of lint art.   While I laughed and laughed while watching the segment, this lint artist had the last laugh when they reported that she had sold the Dryer Lint Last Supper for $12,000.   That shut me up as I ran to the dryer to clean out the lint trap.