What a horrible week at work.  Was it the full moon?  The extreme sunspot activity that even affected radio broadcasts in China?  Who knows.  I’m just glad this week is over.

Today a co-worker shared this article from TIME.  The headline? “Woman dies in her cubicle but nobody notices until the next day.” I then sent it around to other co-workers asking if this would be my fate. They all assured me that I was too loud to die in my cubicle. After a certain amount of silence they all said someone would come and check. Hmmm.  I guess that’s a good thing?  What? I SAID I GUESS THAT’S A GOOD THING.

I was still trying to stay loose with my watercolor.  Not wanting to overdo it, I forced myself to stop way earlier than I normally would have.  I thought about Stephen’s beautiful rocks here and wanted to try something similar.  I  also wanted to NOT overdo the mountains in the distance.  And lastly, I wanted something that reminded me that spring would be here soon.