Snow, snow, snow!  So far we have had the snowiest January EVER!  With more on the way tomorrow.   So, to cheer myself up I decided to do these hydrangeas.  I really forced myself not to overdo them. And to use a limited palette. Yes, the urge is to go back and put more detail in the flowers, but no, I say, no.  They will stay like this and I will move on.

This has been a difficult week.  My mom passed away a year ago.  I spent the weekend with family and friends and had a lot of laughs.  Many of them at my mom’s expense which she would have loved.

Recently The Husband and I visited my mom’s grave to make sure the engraving had been completed.  Knowing my mother didn’t like flowers we got her something she did like.  It was The Husband’s idea.  He is very thoughtful like that.

Here is a favorite story of how much my mom loved The Husband. One time when in the hospital she was being transferred from ICU to a regular room. The nurse transporting her was making small talk.

Nurse: How many kids do you have?

Mom: Three

Nurse: What are their names?

Mom: Carol, Alice and Robert

Nurse: Who is your favorite?

Mom: Matt

She was a lovely person.

On another note, if you want to know what The Husband does when he is not critiquing my work or reading my blog for typos, he’s busy being a NYC ESU Detective.   You can see some of what he does on this documentary on the Nation Geographic channel: