The sketchbook is in the mail.  It’s not finished, but that’s ok.  I “took care” of the remaining pages.  You will have to go look and see what I mean.  🙂

Here’s one of the pages from the book.  After NYC had the “boxing day” blizzard of 2010 the sanitation trucks were busy plowing.  Ok, not really.  It took them like 3 days to start plowing but then AFTER THAT they had to plow for days with the end result that the garbage was not picked up for weeks.  If you look really hard in this pile of trash you may see a rat or two run out from between the garbage bags.

I was fascinated at how many trash bags were put out on the corner across the street from where I worked.  And this drawing shows only part of the pile. This was only the recycling section.  The huge black garbage bags are to your right.

Enough about NYC’s trash issues.

I’m excited that the sketchbooks will soon be going on tour.  If they visit a city near you, why don’t you go see them?

I would love you to see mine and here are some of my blog friends who have sketchbooks in the project:

Alice Walsh (Sister, not blog friend)

Jean Tock (friend and blog friend)

Alex Zonis – Pencil Scribbles

Keith of North Pennine Gallery

Nicola (Pointy Pix)