Since my birthday is at the end of the year, (December 28th.  I  happily accept gifts.)  I was younger than all the other kids when it was time to go to kindergarten. I cried everyday as my mother walked me to school. Actually, the real story goes that I was expelled from kindergarten.  For spitting at the teacher.  (Me?)

So, having been unceremoniously kicked out of kindergarten, I missed all the kindergarten fun of cutting, pasting and gluing.  Which probably explains why I love to do that now.

The piece above was done by pasting images under a piece of glass with good old Elmer’s glue, then using some gold metallic powders (sparingly as I was told by the teacher) in some key spots, painting the back of the plate (I chose this ocher color), another layer of metallic and then varnish.  It was unbelievably time intensive, but fun.  The actual plate is a bit darker than this photo, but it was hard to photograph glass.  The size is 5 and 7/8 square.

My Sunday art teacher also teaches this glass class during the week.  I had been looking at all the spectacular pieces she has in her studio for years and finally I decided to try it.  I was not disappointed.  I was, however, rather heavy-handed with the metallic.  The teacher had to constantly scratch off some of the metallic which I promptly put back on.  I told her clearly she had no Latin blood.  If it was up to me the whole back of the plate would have been gold metallic!   Be on the lookout, I will be trying this again.

This week is Thanksgiving in the U.S. so I would like to take this opportunity to say how thankful I am for my beloved husband, my siblings, siblings-in-law, cousins, nieces, nephews and dear friends.  I have been truly blessed in the family & friends dept.  I would also like to say how grateful I am to you, gentle blog-reader.  Thank you for continuing to visit and comment.   I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.   This concludes the sappy portion of this post.