Iris –  approx 9″ x 12″ on Bristol Paper

The next time I ever say I am going to any sort of “marathon theatre event” please smack me like Cher smacks Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck and tell me to SNAP OUT OF IT!    I saw Gatz last night at The Public.  It started at 3pm and I got out of there at 11:30 pm.  It was a performance of The Great Gatsby…but not just a performance….it was also a reading.  A reading of all 47,000 words in the book.

In case you just drifted, I said:  ALL 47,000 WORDS IN THE BOOK. Thems a lot of words.

Better use of my time:

1.  Rearranging my sock drawer

2.  Herding cats.

3.  Turning lead into gold

Some of it was fantastic, and the lead actor was out-of-this-world sublime. Made it all worth it.  Some of it I snoozed through. It was four acts with two intermissions and a dinner break.  I know one thing.   I would rather just read the book.   And my butt is still numb.

The Iris above was done as painting practice on bristol which my teacher called “the poor person’s hot press paper.”

I lightly drew the image and then painted sections with clear water.  I then just dropped in the color and let it move around and blend on its own.  It was quite fun.  At the end, I decided it wasn’t oomphy enough.  (Oomphy?)   Once it was all dry, I went back and put in some darks and a few splatters, because really, who doesn’t like splatters?