I admit it.  I am a profiler.  A subway seat profiler.  When I saw this article in the NY Times, I thought, ha!  I’ve been doing that since the subway cost a buck!  (Ok, maybe even since it cost 50 cents, but I’m not admitting it.)

Here’s how it works.  You wait and wait and wait and wait for the subway and when it gets to your station there are no seats.  But you are tired and really want to sit.  SO…you look around the car and see who looks like they might be getting off at certain stops.  At this point for me, I think it’s almost instinctual.   Hmmm, that person looks like they are going to change at Atlantic Ave.  I will position myself in front of her.   Sometimes it works.  sometimes you’re screwed and you think, I really shouldn’t have worn these shoes today.

That’s the way it goes.  I just hope the person who had 12 bulbs of garlic with his dinner last night isn’t the one breathing heavily down my neck while I’m trying to hold on and read my book.

I did not get a seat on the subway this day.

The above drawings are a few I’ve done so far for the SKETCHBOOK PROJECT. I was working diligently on my sketchbook until I put it “someplace safe” when I left for Peru.  And then couldn’t it find it for weeks after I returned. Luckily it was found.  Apparently “someplace safe” means shove it into a bag in your closet.   My theme is “A day in the life.”  And now I better get crackin’!  I still have tons of pages to fill.