I have had that title for many, many years now.  I am well known in my family and among my friends as being tired all the time (diabetes and anemia are probably the main culprits but I DO enjoy a nap no matter what.)   I have fallen asleep almost immediately in some embarrassing situations.  Talking to someone on the phone and suddenly hearing “CAROL?  CAROL?  DID YOU FALL ASLEEP?”.   I even started to drift off on the treadmill at the gym one day causing my body to go flying off said machine in a not very graceful way. 

Suffice to say, there are any number of stories I could tell, but I think you get the picture.

Over the years there have been many times where someone in my family has tried to usurp my self-proclaimed title.  But no go.  I’m not sharing.  You have three kids all under the age of 5?  Too bad.  I’m still tireder than you.   You just had major surgery and your auto-immune issues are on the fritz?  No way Jose.  I still reign as the tiredest person who ever lived.

Until I saw this:

And now, FOR ONE DAY ONLY,  I will relinquish my title to this woman cause really….  If you are THAT TIRED that you fall asleep on the hood of a police car I say you win.  (But for today only.)    I WAS going to say that was me, but anyone who knows me knows I would never wear a blouse like that. 

(and no, the husband DID NOT take this photo, though I bet he wishes he did.)