Thank You Gracias

watercolor on 140 # Arches cold press – approx.  20 3/4″ x 13 1/2″

A lone musician plays the accordion in Old San Juan while people go to the beach.

I was attracted to this image because of the slope of the accordionist’s body as he plays his lonely tune.  I tried out my new technique of putting some people in the background.  Turns out they are fat.  Bummer.

I am envious of people who can speak two languages.  I have been trying to learn Spanish since my teen years.  High School = 3 years of Spanish (and one year of Latin to help me with all the other Romance Languages I can’t learn!)  College = another year of Spanish.  Adult education lessons, books, tapes and CDs and still I can only ask for the bathroom, the check, or tell someone my luggage is aflame.

I can’t really tell someone my luggage is aflame, but that probably would be a good thing to know how to say if my luggage actually did catch fire.

The Husband used to know a few handy phrases in Spanish.   “Please put your hands behind your back” (he’s very polite) and “Up against the wall” usually worked.   Charlie, my dog walking friend, got a first job out of college teaching prison guards conversational Spanish.  I think they needed to learn the same phrases as The Husband.   I need to do one of those immersion programs where you live with a Spanish family and you only speak and hear Spanish.  I swear, one of these days I will learn Spanish.

On another note,  I joined up for a sketchbook project.  I may have shared this information with a few of you, but if not, here’s the link with all the info:  Sounds like fun.

Yo estoy barracha!