Driving home late one night on the LIE (Long Island Expressway) I said to the husband:  Why are you taking the GCP instead of the LIE to the BQE?”  I thought…why do I sound like a song from HAIR?

LBJ took the IRT Down to 4th Street USA. When he got there what did he see? The youth of America on LSD. LBJ, IRT, USA, LSD;    LSD, LBJ, FDR, CIA;  FBI, CIA, LSD, LBJ (If you’re singing along, you probably can no longer stay up past 10 pm.)

I recently saw HAIR on Broadway.  I love HAIR.   I can sing all the songs and oft-times do. When I saw HAIR the show was featuring Ace Young and Diana DiGarmo.  Ugh!  I was so not pleased.  If those names sound familiar I’m guessing you CANNOT sing all the songs from HAIR and you CAN stay up past 10 pm. Yes, Ace and Diana of American Idol fame.

I thought I had given up those kinds of shows a long time ago, but I have now been sucked into Bravo’s “Work of Art”. Have you seen it?   Based on Project Runway, 10 artists compete by doing “challenges”.  They are then judged and one person wins and one person gets the boot.  I thought I would HATE it, but it turns out I actually like watching the artists’ thought processes and what they come up with.  Is it really art?  Who knows.  The winner will get a show at the Brooklyn Museum.  And since I’m in walking distance of said museum, will I go see the show?  You betcha!  Have you seen the show?  What do you think?

I did the pears above by first doing a random background of color and then painting the pears while working with the background that was already there. They remind me of tie-dye. (Which reminded me of HAIR.)   I really like the left and center pear.  The white of the center pear is mostly the white of the paper with some dirty water painted in.  The right one can use some work, but I decided I would rather try it again then overwork it, so here it is.

The pots below were done by first spraying the paper with water where I wanted the flowers to be and then dropping in paint and letting it spread on its own.  I then painted in the pots.  I like the looseness of these, but want to do these again too, so I can try to get more white of the paper in the flower bunches.