Last weekend while the kids colored Easter eggs my sister and I decided we would decoupage a few of them.  She had read about the technique that the amazingly annoying Martha Stewart had in her magazine.   Buy cocktail (or I guess any kind of paper) napkins with a design you like.   Best to use napkins that have the design on a white background so when you cut out the image you don’t have to worry about cutting very close, since the white of the background will blend with the color of the egg.  The napkins are usually two-ply so you will need to separate the layers. Once you’ve cut out the image, put some thinned white glue on the egg and then paste the design down and gently smooth out the bumps.  Voila! Fancy schmancy decoupaged eggs that will have the crowd oohing and aahing.

Speaking of oohing and aahing, I saw this interesting fellow one day while waiting by the fountain in City Hall Park while waiting to meet Carrington for lunch.   He was a vision in pink.   Pink hat, pink shades, pink shirt, pink pants, pink shoes and that oh so fabulous fuzzy pink coat.  I have to admit, I liked his outfit.  And his chutzpah.  He wore it with style!

For those of you who know her, my sister’s show at the Mahopac Library was a huge success.  You can see some of her stuff here:

Where is my painting this week?  It’s torn up into a million little pieces and got thrown in the garbage.  Some are just too crappy to show.