Ryan’s Poppies – Springtime Challenge – 9 x 12 on Arches 140# cold press paper – SOLD

My comment in a previous post about “who doesn’t love flowers” generated some comments.  Apparently there ARE people (besides my mom) who don’t like flowers.  Specifically cut flowers.  Kung does not like flowers.  Christine does not like flowers.  They both just see dead things.  (Could this be a movie sequel?)

Christine once said (talking about a bouquet which had come from a large nursery)  “While others may see a bouquet I see oppression world-wide.” Hmmm.  What do I say?  I sympathized, understood her sentiment and then calmly and quietly said  “So if you don’t want them can I have them?”

Ryan had a springtime challenge.  He posted a reference photo a few weeks ago and thought it would be fun for us to paint it and all post on the same day.  Turns our Ryan forgot one very important detail.  His 25th wedding anniversary plans. Luckily his wife set him straight and we got a few extra days to post.   Can’t wait to see everyone else’s version of “Ryan’s Poppies.”  Here’s his version.