The cityscape got worked and worked and worked until I didn’t care anymore and went wild.

Greenwich Street and Park Place on 140# Arches Cold Press

I just could NOT get the image I wanted, but ended up with an image I (sort of) liked.   I wanted to do something with this painting, so I used some Caran d’Ache watercolor markers on it.    I’d never used them before and got some very interesting results.  They blend like watercolor paints so in a few spots where I used them I went over that area with water to blend them with the paint already on the paper.  In some spots, I used them just as a marker, going over areas and outlining them.

I may try this one again sometime.  Maybe at that time  I’ll be able to get the coffee cart where John and Mohammed sell me coffee every morning.  (And sometimes sneak a pastry in the bag even when I tell them I don’t want anything today.)