Three Daisies – approx. 10″ x 8 1/2 ” on 140# Arches paper

Thirty years ago (or so) Jim and I would meet on the D train at DeKalb Ave at 11:30 pm to go disco dancing all night long. Now all we can talk about are the prescriptions we take and all the ailments we  have.  Jim has experienced hearing loss due to a very severe ear infection so now we mostly e-mail since our telephone conversations are laced with HUH? and WHAT? and go something like this:

Carol: Look at that light flicker.

Jim: You want to buy some FLORAL WICKER?

Carol: WHAT?

Jim: HUH?

I’ve read about scientists who invented a mosquito buzzing sound that only teens could hear, to keep them away from loitering in front of buildings.  (My crabby old acquaintance  Mr. Mills might be interested in looking into this to keep those damned teens off his lawn.)  Of course, this invention then got turned around and was made into a ring tone only teens could hear and teachers couldn’t thereby allowing those damned teens to hear their phones ring in class when, in fact, cell phones were banned in class.  Those wily, healthy, good hearing having teens!  Grrrr!

The three daisies above were painted using glazing and negative painting techniques.  I first painted the paper with some light blues and reds leaving some white in the paper.  I drew the flowers, and  then glazed the background darkening the area under the petals.  After letting it dry, I wet some of the paper again and went back and hit a few spots with some darks to spark it up.