Does it give you the same headache it gives me when listening to kids (and sometimes adults) talking?  You know what I’m sayin’?   If you’re not sure, click on the link and listen to this: Makes you nuts, right?

Greenwich Street and Park Place – WIP

So, like, I’m working on this painting which I didn’t want to post until I read Leslie’s post today. You know what I’m saying?   She spoke about her painting of a wolf that she didn’t want to post, but in the end she did because she realized that sometimes it’s the doing and the learning that is more important than the final product.

So here’s my street scene that I’m not, like, totally happy with, but thought I’d post since there are some important things I learned from it.   What have I learned?  I learned that I shouldn’t try to post while watching the Oscar’s AND Big Love at the same time and then forgetting to save, accidently close the blog, and losing everything I just wrote.

Oh, what did I learn from the painting?   Yeah, that’s a little harder to put into words.  Suffice to say that I learned a lot, and know that I have to keep painting & experimenting to get it right.    You know what I’m sayin’?