Two Steeples.  Looking east on Carroll Street.  12″ x 9″ on Arches paper – SOLD

Evening dog walks with Charlie usually end up with one of us having to look something up. It could be as varied as why the moon looks so much larger when it’s low in the sky to the lyrics to Petticoat Junction (don’t ask).

Last night was no different.  I told him that The Husband had sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day.   This time, instead of the usual red roses, I got a beautiful bouquet of lilies.  The Husband was concerned that I wouldn’t like them (I loved them) but I told Charlie I was going to look up the meaning of lilies.  What?  Charlie did not know anything about the language of flowers.  This surprised me because Charlie (also secretly known as “mensa boy”) knows a lot about a lot of things.  I explained that those pesky Victorians who covered piano legs with fabric to keep the menfolk from getting too excited (morons) also had meanings for all kinds of flowers.  I said “imagine if you sent someone a bouquet of pretty flowers hoping to impress only later to find out the flowers you sent said, in today’s lingo, ‘you’re a jerk’.”  Uh oh!   There’d be trouble!

Brooklyn is known, among other things, as the Borough of Churches.   But when I Google this, all I get is the page on Brooklyn.  (Brooklyn, I was once told, is also known as the Borough of Bars.  I will save that for another post.)

This painting is the view from the roof of my building, looking east.  The sun was setting in the west and was shining on some of the buildings in the distance creating a beautiful light over the steeples, buildings and trees.  It’s on arches 130 lb 9″ x 12″ cold press paper.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all and Happy Year of the Tiger too!