Last week I saw a man with a cat on his head. He was standing on the corner of Vesey St. and Broadway in Lower Manhattan.  He just stood there.  Tourists would come up to him and ask to take a picture.  He would say yes and THEN once done he would ask for a dollar or two.   He was wearing a Harvard sweatshirt.  I wondered who went to Harvard, him or the cat.  I mean really. You went to Harvard and this is your career choice.  Of course, he could have just ordered the shirt on line, or gotten as a gift from a smarter family member. New York is a strange place.

The above painting was started about 3 weeks ago, but I finally got to finish it today.  The reference material was from a photo a classmate had.   Fruit-o-rama.  I enjoy most fruit.  When they are ripe, they can be as sweet as the best pastry.  I enjoy most pastry, but that’s another post.  The husband likes some fruit but will not eat -erries.   Any fruit that ends with berry or -erry he will not eat.  He will make the lemon face and turn his head.   When I showed him this painting he said “Yum,  except for the -erries.”   I explained that there were no -erries in this painting.  They were grapes.  Oh yeah,  he doesn’t eat red/purple grapes.   Sigh.   Next week….a painting of an orange and a banana.