The Road – W.I.P.

Liz and Charlie gave me Roman Numeral Birthday Cake Candles for my birthday.  (There was no cake attached…clearly an oversight on their part. )

The tag line on the box was “party like it’s MCMXCIX”!

What is it about Roman Numerals that makes everything look a little classier?  You’ve built a building and want to put in a corner-stone?  Sure, you can put 1988 carved right there in the stone.  Or you can have it say MCMLXXXVIII.  Really, which looks better?

Liz and Charlie used to live on the other side of our brick wall.  Then they bought a house and moved around the corner.  Their new address is 92.   One night, as I walked around the corner to meet Charlie for the nightly dog walk, I noticed his new garbage cans were on the sidewalk for the next morning’s pickup.   He had labeled them with XCII.  Did Charlie think that on his new block he won’t get the noisy white NYC Dept. of Sanitation trucks to pick up his trash, but instead men on Roman chariots wearing helmets with a big red mohawk would be picking up his trash?  His new block was way fancier than the old one!

I have already woken up on the wrong side of 2010.   It started with my computer going berserk on New Year’s Day and went down from there.

The above painting is a work in progress watercolor of a road in a field.   We’ll see where this road takes me.