No, not me.  At least not yet.  I’m still here.

But I’m passing on the RA award since I’ve had it long enough and have gotten a tan basking in its glow.

Here you go.  The RA award is being delivered by dog to:

June Malone


Stephen Quirke

June,  because her blog, which as she describes, allows her to draw and paint out loud and motivates her to improve her skills as an illustrator.  And because she posts great paintings and humorous comments even though she struggles with ME/CFS.

Stephen, because he also does great paintings and has worked hard to finally achieve his very own exhibit.   He has shown me what one can achieve by working hard and having the dedication to go after one’s dream.

Way to go guys.  You have inspired me more than you can ever know.

Now here’s how it works:  The recipient passes this award on to another blogger in seven days and pledges to follow the new recipient’s blog.

(And a special thanks to Leslie, who photoshopped the above award photo for me.)