3 pears 09-09-09

basic shapes 09-09-09

An artist and blogger Anya published a post about color palettes and color mixing.  Her  funny post was about some famous artists’ palettes.  So in the spirit of  “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” I’ve come up with my own color palette.

While I believe my color palette would range from hostility to despair, liberally peppered with fatigue and nausea, today’s palette was mostly about fatigue:

Carol’s palette:

  • I’m tired Orange
  • I’m exhausted Red
  • I’m the Tiredest Person that Ever Lived Blue
  • Wake me up Yellow
  • Persnickety Pink
  • Tengo sueño Sienna
  • I woke up to go to bed Indigo
  • Who doesn’t want a nap Violet
  • Screw them Green
  • Better share that chocolate burnt umber
  • Don’t make me hurt you ultramarine blue

The above paintings were done in Wednesday’s class.  No masterpieces, just playing with the watercolor, learning how to handle it.  Some basic practice with making 3 dimensional shapes.  And then we painted some pears.   It was non-stop fun!

On a serious note, thank you to all of you who called or emailed or facebooked that you were thinking of Matt and me on 9/11.  Hopefully, someday we can all learn to live with our differences without killing each other.  I fear that day will never come, but I still have hope that it will.