White vase with apples 8-23-09

There is a playground & park not far from my house called J.J. Byrne Playground.   Not long ago a kid with a funny sense of humor and some spray paint changed the sign to read My Va J. J. Byrnes .  Every time I see this sign I laugh.

Va JJ Byrnes

The 5th Ave side of the park is a playground and then a grass field.  The Parks Dept. just redid the 4th Ave. side of the park which is a larger field now filled with astroturf.   During one of our evening dog walks as  Charlie and I were discussing the horrible astroturf he turned to me and said “do you think when the ants come over from the grass field they get to the astroturf and then look at each other and say “WTF???”

We are easily amused.

I went to painting class today and started the painting above.  I tried a wax resist technique that both Leslie and June talked about.  I didn’t use it all over, just in a few spots, particularly on the stripes of yellow green on the table cloth in the foreground.   So far so good, I think.  Whadda YOU think?