Will it ever stop raining?   Will I ever paint something I like?  What’s up with that big white space in the center of the painting?  Where are the crab apples?  Did I lose them in the foliage?  Why does the path look like a sky?

Let’s start with “will it ever stop raining”?

Crab Apples 8-2-09

That’s the question on everyone minds in NYC lately.  We’ve had one seriously rainy summer.  It’s the first time in a zillion years that we haven’t had any 90 degree temperatures so far this summer.  (Although it’s got to be 110 degrees in the subway stations!)  But we still have the humidity!  Yep,  like walking through soup.  I always seem to have a layer of what I will kindly called “dew” when I’m outside.  But at night it hasn’t been as hot as usual and in fact, the husband, who usually likes to sleep in the equivalent of a meat locker still has not put the a/c in the window.  We are sleeping with a fan and it’s August!  That’s crazy!

On the plus side of having all this rain, the reservoirs are filled to near capacity.  I know this because my friend Charlie obsessively checks them each day and reports to me.

The latest incarnation of the crab apples is above (and below).

I usually photograph my painting and then send it to one of my 24/7 computer tech friends.  She crops it and reduces the size for me so it’s not gigantic.  When she sent it back to me she sent it upside down:

crab apples - topsy turvy

Of course, I took the photo sideways and sent it to her so she had no clue which way it went.  And, she is currently visiting family on the “Left Coast” so maybe she was confused?  Based on the photo, it looks like the path is a sky.  Sure, why not.  Maybe it’s better upside down?

Maybe a lot of things should be looked at upside down.  Get a different perspective.

Topsy Turvy.