crabby apples 7-25-09

For those of you who didn’t check this weekend’s subway travel advisory, I’ve got news for you.  TRACK WORK.  Shocking, I know.

I leave the apartment NOT CRABBY and slowly I become crabbier and crabbier.

Today it was the subway again. There were no #2, 3 or 4 trains stopping at Eastern Parkway, Grand Army Plaza or Bergen Street which meant I had to somehow get to Atlantic Ave.  (Bus.)  Luckily there is a Dunkin Donuts at Atlantic Ave. where I was able to get a small Coffee Coolata.  I am fixated on Coffee Coolatas.  FIXATED!!!  They do not make me crabby.  They are cool, coffee, slushy delights of happiness for a mere $1.99.  $2.16 with tax. (while the promotion lasts).   And I have Jim to thank for this fixation.  (I have many fixations.)

Jim?  My 6’4″ trim, muscular, athletic, healthy eating, gym going, volleyball and tennis playing brother-in-law Jim?  Yes, that one. He once told me that he loved coolatas.  One day I tried one.  It was like crack.  I was hooked.   So although I was completely inconvenienced once again by our subway system, I had my yummy coolata to make me happy and forget my crabbiness.  Small Coffee Coolatas are probably 4 billion calories and 100 million grams of fat.  (no, I do not tend towards exaggeration – what are you talking about?) But that’s a small price to pay for happiness.

Class today was small.   I started this picture of crab apples, leaves and branches.  It sorta reminded me of this one of leaves I did a while back.  Ugh!  And don’t even ask what’s going on at the bottom of the painting.  I don’t know.  I must have drifted while painting….   I like the purple, red and green but it doesn’t yet work with the rest of the painting.  I’ll work on it again next week.

Time to go home.  Back on the subway.  Get off at Atlantic Ave where I decide to take the complimentary (ha) shuttle bus to Bergen St. where there is ANOTHER DUNKIN’ DONUTS.

Crabby. (and now hot as well)  Got another coolata.  Walked home.  Now ready for a nap.