yellow flowers with red vase 6-28-09

Whilst walking the doggies yesterday evening my friend Charlie and I saw this written on the sidewalk in chalk:  “RECORDS FOR SALE This is a popular local way to advertise in the neighborhood when one is having a stoop sale.  (Yard sales or garage sales to most, but we in Park Slope usually have neither a garage nor a yard.  We do, however, have stoops.)   Charlie immediately looked at me and said he imagined someone selling personal records of people in the neighborhood.

Charlie: “Hey, they are selling my 1986 Con Ed Bills.  Look, the logo has changed.”

Carol: Laughed and laughed    And then my mind immediately imagined someone selling my old report cards,  files on my work history and all my pay stubs that are banded together in a drawer since the ’70’s.   (I have GOT to clean out that back room!)    I remember when my college friend and I got our first jobs.  I was making $12,000 a year which I thought was pretty good.  Then SHE got a job making $16,000 which I thought was a FORTUNE.  I was so jealous.   She was RICH!

I’ve been experimenting with some watercolors lately.   I thought I’d play with  a few different techniques.   The yellow flowers above are OK, but I really had a great time with a wet on wet technique on the vase.    I also did a beach scene while thinking that I would like to be back in Curacao than work on contracts for the City.  (Yes, I know you find this hard to believe, but it’s true!)

chopped beach  6-28-09

After I painted it, I wanted to try something a little more interesting so I cut it up and changed some of the image locations and then reglued them on another sheet of paper.     I also reworked the clouds by lifting up some of the top layer of paper with tape.   I am happy with the end result, but may reglue the strips slightly closer together.   Watch out,  I’m going crazy!   Next thing you know, I may be having a stoop sale selling my 1981 pay stubs for $2.00 a calendar year. Ok, I’ll take a dollar.  And I’ll throw in my College Diploma for an extra 50 cents.