Lower East Side Old Lady 6-7-09  FinishedYes,  I love musicals.  I don’t care what you naysayers out there think. (This means YOU Christine.) I’ve heard it all.  “I don’t get it.  Why do they just jump up and start singing?” Let me tell you.  There are plenty of times where I jump up and start singing.  Problem is I can’t sing.  Of course that doesn’t stop me.  Except when my husband starts howling.   Then I know I’m really off key and much too loud.  My friend Kung keeps trying to get me to go to karaoke with him and his friends.   Really Kung?  Are you sure you want me along?

I’m inspired to write about musicals because they are showing CHESS on PBS tonight.   I LOVE CHESS.   I could listen to it all day and all night.  In fact, I have.  Until I am told by my ever patient husband that it may be time for something else.  That’s when I put on Evita.  Or Les Miz.  Or the Pirates of Penzance.  Or even an opera.  The old lady on the lower east side is finally finished.  And I can’t help but think she is going to take that cane, whip out a top hat, straighten up and launch into a tap dance to show tunes.   How great would that be?

Mom  June 09 Speaking of tap dancing, you know who loved to tap dance?   My mom.  Here’s a drawing I did of her one Sunday.   Unfortunately she can’t dance anymore, and she thinks Lincoln is the President.  But she’s still happy when she hears music.

Today is my friend Charlie’s birthday.  In his honor I am posting this picture that he took of a sign outside a coffee shop near us.   It made us laugh and laugh.

Ozzies Not for nothin’ but that drawing of a freshly baked croissant looks like something my dog leaves for me to pick up in the winter.   Really Ozzie’s?  you can’t draw a better croissant?

And finally, let me just say that I’m so excited that we will be having our St. Croix reunion on another fabulous island.  The isle of Manhattan.   Bonnie is in from St. Croix and we are glad to have her home.  (yes, even though St. Croix is now her home, New York was her home first).  So welcome home Bonnie.  She’s staying at the Judy Holiday Inn, a favorite for out of town guests.   Mary will be here from Massachusetts, Matt will be with us and a good time will be had by all.

I’m off to the gym to sing and dance my way through a bootcamp class.