Japanese Garden - BBG  5-17-09Watercolor on 1/2 sheet of 140# of Arches cold press – SOLD!

While many may think that living in NYC means that you only live within brick walls and concrete sidewalks, we are very lucky to have some beautiful parks right in the middle of all that brick and concrete.

One of these beautiful places is called the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Among the many lovely spots in this 52 acre refuge is the Japanese Garden which was completed in 1915 by landscape architect Takeo Shiota.  It’s a lovely spot and I gave it a shot at capturing it in the watercolor above.   It’s  just a start, and as usual, I’m so-so about it.  We’ll see how it progresses.

In the meantime I progressed out my door and down the block. There is a street fair on 5th Ave. today.   And it’s the same crap every year, at every street fair that I’ve ever been to from here to New Hampshire.  There may be other crap at other street fairs that I haven’t been to, but so far I haven’t seen any new stuff.   Or any new food.  One must get some street fair food or one will not be happy.  One of my favorites is the fried dough.   Any variation of fried dough usually works for me.  Have you ever noticed that every culture has some sort of fried dough food.  YUM.  Street fairs in NYC always have the obligatory zeppole stand.   Zeppole are fried dough delights covered with confectioner’s sugar.  Light, fluffy and just damn yummy.  These trucks also sell funnel cake.  It’s the same dough, they just drizzle it out of a funnel into the boiling oil so you get something all squiggly instead of a big fat round piece of dough.  They still dump confectioner’s sugar on top.  How can you go wrong?  If you prefer something a little less sweet, find the Indian stand and get the samosas.  Or the Chinese stand and get the dumplings.   I could go on and on.  In fact, I think I will.

Ok, I won’t.  But you get the idea.  In about 20 blocks one could eat food from around the world, buy local artists’ works, get henna tattoos, meet the neighbors and listen to local bands.  Fun.  The Fifth Ave. Fair is the first of the summer.  By August you’re done.  Where can you hide?  The Japanese Garden of course.