DESSERT 5-9-09Watercolor on 1/2 sheet of 140# Arches coldpress – Sold!

Finally back to class after vacation and having friends in from out of town.  My intention was to finish this one up quickly and move on to something else.   I think I finished this one, but with only 1/2 hour left to class I didn’t want to work on a new painting.   Everyone said they felt like having some cake, so I guess I’m happy with it.

I always laugh when I have to write the word “dessert”.  I don’t remember where I head or read this, but here is a trick on how to spell dessert correctly and not confuse it with desert (usually a hot, sandy place.)  Dessert has two “s”.  Like when you ask for a SECOND HELPING OF DESSERT.  For some reason that always stuck with me.  Unfortunately there are many, many, many more things that went right out of my head.   How to spell the word dessert is not one of them.  And all the dessert I’ve eaten (second helpings and all) has stuck right to my body.  I started to have the 3 pieces of cake on a table, but somewhere along the way the table disappeared.  Now they are 3 pieces of cake floating in space.  Exactly where I will be on Monday when I go see the new Star Trek movie.


Many people know that I am not that fond of movies.  But I will always go see a Star Trek Movie.  I have loved Star Trek since the beginning with William Shatner as Captain Kirk.  I was fascinated by Spock and his pointy ears.  And I always thought things were a little more exciting in space.  After it went off the air I was sad.   Then a new Star Trek came along.  HA! I said to myself.  Who are they kidding.  They cannot make a new Star Trek and make it better than what I now call “classic Star Trek”.  But I was wrong.  Along came Captain Picard and I was enthralled again.  I even watched Deep Space 9 and the one with Captain Janeway.  (What’s the name of that one?)   I could never get into Star Trek Enterprise, but there is always comfort knowing that there is a Star Trek showing somewhere on my 1000 cable stations of crap.

How did we live with channels 2 – 13 for so long?  Now I have over 1,000 cable stations and I swear there is not much to watch.   There is the NCIS station.  (What’s up with that?  All of a sudden it’s NCIS all the time.)  And there is the Law and Order station with that show and all the spin offs.  And of course there is the Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel (I refuse to call it NatGeo), the History Channel and the Science Channel. As I said in a previous post, I like those channels.

My friend told me about the morbidly obese channel.  I am not making this up.  For a while there was a channel that kept airing shows about morbidly obese people and how they went to these clinics to lose weight.  There was one guy who went and he was actually gaining weight because he was sending out for Chinese food while he was in the weight rehab center.  You know what….as my friend Charlie says…If you can’t get up and get your own damn food then you shouldn’t be eating.    Tough love.  What?  you want me to get you another piece of cake?   Ok, be right back.