Piece of cake it’s not.  This watercolor business.  I find it difficult.  But I go to class every week and I so enjoy it.  My biggest problem is that I don’t have either the ambition or energy to paint or practice drawing during the week.  And I really want to.   Really.  I am just so tired when I come home from work……

I love cake.  I love pie.  I love cookies, candy and pastries.  And they should (almost) always have chocolate in them. Seriously, do you want to waste those raspberries in that chocolate cake?   I like raspberries.  But they should not ruin a good chocolate confection.   Blueberries in pancakes?  Don’t waste my time.  Strawberries on that lovely cream puff.  STOP THE INSANITY!

I enjoy a large bowl of fresh strawberries as much as the next person.  When they are in season they are sweet and yummy and delicious.   But DO NOT RUIN my dessert with fruit.

I have dark hair, dark eyes and  a sweet tooth, all of which I inherited from my parents.   And this is the nutritional lesson I learned from them:

EAT DESSERT FIRST.  If you’re still hungry, you can have something else.

My father, who was very sick for a long time from a number of things (a different post when you have about a month to read) couldn’t taste food very well.  But he still wanted candy.  All the time.  Even when he was being fed through a tube. “Bring me some M&Ms!”  My mother, who is in a nursing home and really doesn’t eat all that much, still opens her eyes wide and smiles whenever we bring her some chocolate covered jell-rings.  (I hate those – good chocolate ruined by jelly)  So I am genetically pre-disposed to liking sweets.  Can’t help it.  It’s in the blood.  Or the genes.  Pass that piece of cake over here please.

Next discussion:  Carbs.  Great food, or the GREATEST FOOD.

Oh yeah,  I just started the painting of the 3 pieces of cake.  It’s about an hour into it.   I will go back and work on it next time in class.  In the meantime, I have to go bite the ears off  a chocolate Easter bunny that’s been trying to stare me down all day.