I’ve finished Window without a view, but now I’m thinking of calling it Windowsill with Tomatoes.   Or better yet,  TUSCAN windowsill with tomatoes.  Doesn’t that make the painting sound better?  It makes the tomatoes sound better.  Tomatoes are always better in Italy. Actually almost everything is better in Italy.  The food, the clothes, the art.

But I’m hungry right now so let’s talk about the food.  I have never gotten a bad meal in Italy.  Ever.   I have HEARD STORIES, but I believe they are apocryphal. And not for nothin’ but my grandmother could have boiled a phone book in water, added a little pastina and it would have been THE BEST SOUP you ever had.  REALLY!   She was the best cook ever.  My friend Jim’s grandmother was a great cook too.  Different parts of Italy, but unbelievable cooks.  My friend Charlie can make a lasagna that will clog your arteries and have you begging for more.

Not that there’s not good food in other countries. There is.  And I’ve tried it.  But there is something about Italian food, especially eaten in Italy, that is perfection.   Jim once said to me “If  Italians didn’t teach the French to cook they’d still be eating rats in cream sauce.”  It made me laugh.

I could go on and on about Italian food.  Instead, I think I may go enjoy some.  In the meantime, I would like to add that the tomatoes in the painting are more vibrant than in the above photo.

The size of the paper is 22″ x 15″ and the image size is approximately  20 1/4″ x 13 1/8 “.  Olives and prosciutto anyone?