On my way to work a few mornings ago I photographed this sign that was just posted in the window of a local restaurant.

I couldn’t decide if I was more appalled at the message or the sentence structure and grammar.  (Did it cost extra to add a period after the word help?) And that stupid picture of a defeated boxer for extra drama.  Stop it!

Really???  It was OUR fault that your restaurant failed?  Really???  Maybe it failed because you write sentences like:  “Some of you will be really sad as Us…”   They may have put their heart into the place, but obviously no customer put his/her foot into the place!

I probably would have found this sign quite funny had it not been for the content and the fact that the longer they stayed open with no customers, the more rainbow flags and stickers got plastered on their windows, walls and menus.   My sister, among others, will be annoyed that there is no apostrophe after the “s” in friends.    That bothered me too, but now that I’ve read “THE ROAD”, not so much.  I read the first few pages of  “THE ROAD” and saw that the author wrote cant and wont and didnt and I thought, hmmmm, they have typos in this book.   But no.  Apparently when living in a post-apocalyptic world, grammar regarding contractions is the least of your problems.

I have to admit that I’m also annoyed by the way some people write things. Like “R U going 2nite?”   I want to reply:  “No I ain’t.”   You can’t type all the letters?   I know that with typing and texting and emailing and im’ing and tweeting and facebooking one’s fingers may get tired.  Still. It annoys me.  I can’t help it.

One of my favorite new words I heard recently was “ambulamps”.   Meaning: ambulance.   How in the world did that get morphed from one to the other?  Who knows,  maybe years from now ambulamps will be considered the proper pronunciation for that word.  By all the Baby Daddys in the world.

They say English is a living language.  It’s changing all the time.  If we don’t have a word in English and they have a word in another language that works, well, we just steal it outright.  No problem.  Unlike the French.  “We don’t like those damn English words creeping into their language.  Le weekend?   We don’t think so!”

We stole schadenfreude right out from under the Germans and it is one of my favorite words ever!

Let the language change.  I will still speak it the way the nuns taught me.

And to anyone who will read this and immediately comment to say I misspelled something, was grammatically incorrect in one sentence or another…please…. Gimme a break.   I have to go text my husband, i-m my sister, email my brother and see what everyone is doing on facebook.   I don’t got no time to spel chek.

After all that I be going to eat.  Where you be goin’?