I just finished reading “THE ROAD” by Cormac McCarthy.  My brother gave me the book.   He said I may want to kill myself halfway through.  I didn’t.  I loved it.  But boy was it dismal.  Post apocalyptic earth.  Nothing but ash.  Ash, ash, ash.  My friend Charlie and I were discussing the book during our evening dog walk.  He found it so depressing he could barely get through it.  He said to me tonight while we were discussing a post-apocalyptic world:  “When they come out with that new box of 64 Crayola Crayons it will be 64 variations of ‘ash’ “.   I laughed and laughed.

Now they are making (or have already made) a movie of the book.  I WILL NOT SEE IT.  I can only imagine that the movie will ruin the book for me.

I started this painting today of a window sill.  I used a reference photo my friend Judy took.  It’s a little odd because the photo looks like someone came along and put a window and sill ON TOP of a wall.  The texture of the walls was the same as the texture inside the window panes.  Still, I thought it was an interesting image.   Maybe someone put the faux window and sill on a wall so they could have a place to put their tomatoes?  More interesting that just hanging a shelf?  Who knows.  Judy?  Can you shed some light on this?   I still need to work on the tomatoes, cucumber and (what I think are) potatoes on the sill along with the potted plant.


Here’s a photo of me with a bad attitude.

It makes me laugh.

Can you imagine how pissed off I’ll be when we’re living in a post-apocalypic world?