They’re from France.


This is a tough one.  I started drawing this two weeks ago.  At first  it looked like a Picasso.  Which would be a good thing if I WAS Picasso.  But I’m not.  With the direction of my teacher, I finally got something that resembled my family members.  I’ll see how it looks next week.

Last week I was very busy helping my sister with her “art emergency”.  The short story:  She wanted to enter a piece in a juried show at the Katonah Museum.  I was called into service as a worker bee.   With almost 800 entries, she was one of the 126 selected.  And then she won 3rd prize!  It was very exciting considering the juror was a consultant curator for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  And Martha Stewart walked in the same time as me and stood next to me for a short while.  She is very tall.

I did learn one very important lesson last weekend.  Do not drink a large coffee just before getting on the FDR Drive at the start of a 3-day weekend.