Wow,  what a week this will be.  Today is the winter solstice!  And tonight starts the eight nights of  Hanukkah.  December 23rd is Festivus (for the rest of us).  I particularly like the “airing of grievances”.  Then of course there’s Christmas, followed by Kwanzaa.  I will celebrate them all.  Why not!


Since it’s the first day of winter as well, I thought it would be best to finish the St. Croix beach scene.  It’s been treacherous out there.  My poor sister and her family got stuck in traffic trying to get to the airport to fly to Alaska and missed the flight.  The flight was actually ON TIME.  Never, in the history of JFK, has a flight been on time during a snowstorm, but this one was!!!  Go figure.  But they all made to safely to Alaska and I have their dog.  I am holding him for ransom.   I haven’t decided yet what I will ask for his safe return, but I’m working on it. So with my dog and my sister’s dog, I have about 170 lbs of dog in my 950 square foot apartment.   That’s about 5 1/2 lbs per square foot.  And the aroma of wet dog fills the air when we all come back in after a walk in the snow and sleet and rain.  Are you sure you want to visit Jim?

Whatever holiday you celebrate, may it be a joyous one.  I have to go dry off wet dogs.

Image size is approx 19″ x 12 1/2 ” on arches watercolor paper 22″ x 15″