Today is my one year anniversary of being cancer free.  Yay!  I think back to last year and it seems like yesterday and like a million years ago at the same time.

Last week was my 20th wedding anniversary.   This year was also the 20 anniversary for two of the husband’s siblings , the 25th anniversary for another of the husband’s siblings AND tomorrow will be the 33rd wedding anniversary for the husband’s oldest sister and her husband.  We are all still speaking.  (To each other and to our respective spouses!)  Anniversaries give one the opportunity to look back and measure how far one has come.

This was a monoprint done at a friend’s house.  She was able to borrow a table top printing press from Pratt.  I’d never done monoprints before.  You paint on a plate, put it thru the press which then transfers the image to the paper.  Unlike regular printing, you can only make one print.  Our trash can was filled with crumpled up disasters!  But we did get a few keepers.  (She, more than I, since she IS a PROFESSIONAL ARTIST!)

I’m off to go on my first cruise.  We just heard there may be a bit of a storm in the Caribbean.  Who cares.  I’m not at work.  As long as the waves don’t make me spill any of my “special drink of the day”, I won’t care.   I just hope we get there in time.  This will be the first time flying with the husband’s new titanium hip.  I foresee sirens, alarms, homeland security alerts and possibly body cavity searches.  Never a dull moment. Now I must go medicate.  (I don’t like to fly and we have to fly to get on the ship.)   And you know, sometimes being medicated ain’t so bad.