We carved some pumpkins with my nephews and sister this weekend.  I think they came out great!  And  my brother-in-law made the yummiest roasted pumpkin seeds.   It was a fun night.

I got married on 10/29.   It was just our 20th anniversary.  Over the years people have asked, why did you get married then?  So close to Halloween!  And the answer is, I don’t know.  There was a Saturday available and we took it.

During the reception, my uncle was doing shots with the husband.  A lot of shots.  And for the first time I saw the husband completely and utterly smashed.  Loaded.  Wasted.  Three sheets to the wind.   At the end of the reception I asked my brother-in-law to please get him out of there and home.   I got a ride home with some cousins.   Somehow I managed to get back to my apartment building first, but had no keys.   So I waited on the stoop.   And suddenly I realized there were lots of people going to Halloween parties.  As they passed in their costumes they would look at me standing on the stoop and they would all say:   ” OH! LOOK AT THE BRIDE!”  I had the best, most realistic costume on the block!

Happy Halloween!  Boo!