Where ever this is, I want to be there.   Or someplace like it.  Last week was a very scary week on Wall Street and if you weren’t paying attention you should have been.  We are screwed.  And I don’t even work on Wall Street.   Ok, I do work NEAR Wall Street.   And the people I work with do deal with municipal bonds.   Lots and lots of municipal bonds.   And don’t even get me started about the upcoming presidential election.

I want a few thousand acres somewhere.   An electrified fence and some rottweilers.  Ok, maybe not really. I probably just need a vacation.   I have been living in the city too long.   My brother-in-law came to visit a few days ago.  Down from the lovely state of Connecticut.   After visiting a museum with an out of town guest he got to my place and said “there are too many people in this city.”   No shit!     Maybe those people in Montana have the right idea?

I started this painting last week and thought to myself huh?   I knew what I wanted to paint, but started it and then didn’t know how to get there from here.

Finally it all started to fall into place.   I may still work on it again, add some more details, but sometimes you just have to let it dry and see what you have before you do more work to it.