I went to class thinking I would do a completely different painting of these tulips. My friend Mary took a beautiful picture of red tulips looking up to a gorgeous blue sky which I used as a reference for this painting. But something happened along the way and the painting changed.

Maybe I was cranky cause the trains are still screwed up. Never pay attention to the posters in the subway that tell you that track work will only take a few weekends. It really never ends. Like construction on the BQE. But I digress. I waited an unbelievably long time for each train, some of the lines weren’t running. And it was hot, humid and rainy out.

So the sunny tulips in the reference photo got a little angrier and so did the sky. That’s the way it goes.

I’ve always liked tulips and have been fascinated with the tulip mania that occurred in the Netherlands in the 1600’s. Had I lived during that time (maybe I have? I’ve always had an affinity to the Netherlands during that time) I would have sold everything for one tulip bulb at the height of the craze only to find the market crash 6 days later.

The unframed size of the painting (image) is approx 20″ x 12″.