I ended up liking this painting. It started out once again with me thinking oh, this is so going in the garbage. But like a phoenix, it rose from the ashes and now I’m happy with it. (What a drama queen!!!) The husband does not like it. Oh well, he can paint his own.

Sue from New Hampshire came to visit one day and brought me these lovely flowers. She took the subway all by herself from 96th street to meet me for lunch and then had to get back to the Javit’s Center to board a bus to go home. I was very proud of her. The subway can be scary if you’re not used to it. We went to lunch at a new place on the avenue. It was good, but I found out later it’s a vegan restaurant…so THAT’S what it means when the word “chicken” is in quotes.

This painting is my 2nd attempt at painting spider mums. If you recall, my first attempt, which was done in one of my first watercolor classes, was different because all the flowers were facing away from me.


This time, I made sure the flowers pointed towards me. The table perspective is off, but I don’t mind. And the vase is a little lopsided, but so am I.

I also painted the plate on which the vase sits many years ago at a paint your own pottery place. I LOVE those paint your own pottery places.