What’s up with those red shoes? I need me some red shoes. The Pope is stylin’ all over town with these!

The Pope is in town and New York is all abuzz. Whether you like it or not, he’s here and one has to deal with it. Streets are closed, traffic is rerouted, TV stations have been taken over by Pope coverage. This morning I turned on Channel 1, which is an all news cable station that only reports on NYC. The five boroughs. Not New Jersey, Not Connecticut, just NYC. I wanted my Weather on the 1s. The rail and road report. The New York Minute. What do I get???? All pope all the time.

Keeping with full disclosure I will admit that I was raised catholic, but am non-practicing. My favorite pope story is the one of the “papal chair”. I had never even heard of this until I read a novel about Pope Joan, allegedly the only female pope. The catholic church says that the story of Pope Joan is not true, yet it continues. After the discovery that Pope Joan was female, the story goes that a special chair was fabricated to make sure that never happened again. From an ABC news story:

But how do historians explain the enormous purple marble chair on which popes once sat as they were crowned. The chair has a strange opening, something like a toilet seat, reportedly used to check “testiculos habet” — or whether the pope had testicles. http://abcnews.go.com/Primetime/story?id=1453197&page=4
I love this story. Whether it’s true or not. Can you imagine, you are elected pope, but before they let that white smoke out of the Vatican chimney, you would have to sit on a chair and have someone squeeze your balls? This story makes my friend Jim angry. He claims it’s protestant propaganda. I just laugh. Jim is off to see an exhibit of Vatican splendors. http://www.vaticansplendors.com/
I told him to look for the chair.
Tomorrow the Pope will be at Yankee Stadium. My friend Terry has a Japanese friend in from out of town. Terry told her guest that the Pope will be at Yankee Stadium tomorrow. Her Japanese friend said “Why is the Pope going to a Yankee game?” Clearly the Pope is a Yankee fan!