LOST!  After weeks of not going to watercolor class, I looked forward to returning. My teacher was off on a Plein Air Painting trip to Merida, Mexico with some of her less time-challenged (retired) and less financially challenged (rich?) students. Alas, I was not one of them. But I did look forward to getting back to business and working on the watercolor I had started before Teach left on her trip. I had worked really, really hard on it. And when I got back to class <gasp> it was GONE! Missing!!! Not to be found anywhere. I was upset. She has a small studio and usually only teaches 6 students at a time, plus she had been away. So where was my painting? It wasn’t taped the the wall like most of the other “in progress” paintings, nor was it in her flat files. Oh well. I still think it will turn up. Keep your fingers crossed. In the mean time I unenthusiastically started this plate of fruit.

On the “found” side, a co-worker was working on my office’s Spring Phone Directory Cover and was looking at some photos of cherry blossoms. Her boss suggested they use one of my paintings, so now I’ve been published. Of course I got no money or credit, but I work for the city, so that’s the way it goes. Click on this link to see the cover: cover_b1