This was another try at a pastel. Once again I did it at my sister’s house, because as wrjones reminded me yesterday, my sister’s house should have been clean by now. So I took another opportunity to mess it up. My 2nd attempt at pastels only reminded me again of the following: THEY ARE VERY MESSY. Luckily after two cosmos, some taco dip and way too much easter candy I didn’t care! This time I used a pastel board instead of paper. The board was hard so I didn’t have to mount it on anything like you do with the paper. It also has a very rough texture, a little like sandpaper, but I think I liked using the pastel paper better. I’m not really sure, so next time I go up to my sister’s house, I’ll try another painting on the pastel paper.

Did you know that Thomas Kincade, Painter of CRAP light, sells pastels????? You can buy them here. I wonder if you use his pastels if you will paint like him? Can you imagine?

My sister had a book on pastel technique she took out from the library. I liked this guy’s work and he seemed very thorough in his details and descriptions.

Next week my watercolor teacher should be back from her trip so I will work on the watercolor I started a few weeks ago.