pear-and-orange-pastel-3-2008.jpgAbout a week ago I got an e-mail from an Internet acquaintance. His name is Bill and he is an artist, an engineer, a lunatic, a very politically incorrect character and very funny. He wrote to let me know that it was March 8th and that I hadn’t posted a new painting in a while. He was going out to do some plein air painting and invited me to come along. The fact that he was in CA and I in NY didn’t matter. I loved the idea, but wasn’t feeling up to it. I thought I had already used every excuse in the book, but I checked and there were still a few left. The weather was pretty cold and crappy in NY and I was still sick from a bronchial infection I’d had for a month or so and couldn’t get rid of. But I really liked the idea so this weekend I decided to do something, anything to work on a new painting. The result is above. Certainly not my best work. But a very interesting learning experience. And it looks way better as a thumbnail than full size.

My watercolor teacher is off with some students in Mexico spending two weeks painting on the Yucatan Peninsula. Whose better than her? My current work is in her studio, and it will be more than 3 weeks before I’m back there to finish it up.

I was visiting my sister today who is taking a pastel class. I have never worked with pastels, don’t know why, but today I found out. THEY ARE REALLY HARD TO USE. And VERY, VERY MESSY. I had fun, especially since I did it at my sister’s house and didn’t make a mess in my apartment. But I’m not sure pastels would be my medium of choice. I’ll try again next week when I’m back at my sister’s house. Though I have a feeling pastels are not for me. But thanks Bill, for getting me moving.